7 Best Cross Training Shoes for Bad Knees 2021

You’ll agree with me that finding the best cross training shoes for bad knees that can withstand intense workouts is an overwhelming task. Cross-training involves various forms of exercises that diversify your workout routine. best cross training shoes for bad knees

It could be high-intensity interval training, strength training, cycling, and aerobics among many other activities. With bad knees, doing all these can seem like a dream.

Nevertheless, you can successfully perform all these workouts with your bad knees. Having bad knees doesn’t mean you abandon your favorite cross-training sessions.

All you need is to invest in top Cross Training Shoes for Bad Knees. Read Also: Cross Training Shoes for High Arches.

Let Get Started!

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1. Reebok Nano 9 Cross Trainer – Top Pick for Bad Knees

The Reebok Nano 9 Cross Trainer is an exceptional shoe and its ideal for those with bad knees and other foot discomforts. The shoe offers maximum protection, cushioning, stability, and comfort. Thus, giving you an opportunity to participate in intense activities without any distress.

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For starters, you’ll notice the shoe midsole is covered with a radiant rubber shield on both sides. This wrap extends to the midfoot section and covers a bigger section compared to the previous version (Nano 8). This means the foot would be steady while doing strenuous activities like weightlifting or workouts that involve many movements.

The rubber on the medial section is equipped with a RopePro component that makes it easier for the user to do rope climbing exercises. Further, the rubber shield also extends to the front and offers a protective cover to your toes. Thus, you’re protected against painful toe bumps.

Other than that, the shoe features molded EVA foam for additional cushioning. The foam makes the shoe flexible and lighter, thus enhanced rebound time.

You’ll love the traction the shoe will offer you. The rubber outsole grips firmly on the workout surface thanks to the diamond-shaped tread design. This design allows the shoe to hold on to the surface enabling the user to remain stable during intense movements.

Another great feature that would soothe your bad knee is the enhanced Flexweave material. This material has the ability to stretch, it’s thinner, tighter, and offers more comfort. The material will conform to the shape of your foot. Hence, you get a secure and improved fit.


  • Wide toe box
  • Ultimate Stability
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Offers Good traction
  • Enhanced cushioning
  • Comfortable
  • High performing shoes
  • Supportive midsole


  • Some wearers observe that this trainer shoe is quiet heavy compared to others

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2. PUMA Tazon 6 Cross-Trainer Shoe

The PUMA Tazon 6 provides exceptional comfort and support to feet making it one of the best crossing training shoes for bad knees. This cross trainer delivers amazing underfoot cushioning and stability.

PUMA Tazon 6 Cross-Trainer Shoe View on Amazon

This workout shoe features a study rubber outsole that offers excellent grip and traction protecting the wearer from abrasion. The sole unit has multi-directional treads that ensure you have maximum traction during intense movements.

Furthermore, the shoe features a soft sock liner and EVA heel pod. These two components work together to deliver a plush and smooth feel on the user underfoot. Thus, providing additional cushioning while reducing shock absorption.

The Tazon 6 features a low-profile midsole. You’ll love the feeling of your feet being closer to the workout surface, thanks to this midsole.

To ensure the shoe’s sturdiness, PUMA has incorporated a durable TPU shank. This trait ensures the feet remain firm during intense workouts.

The upper unit of Tazon 6 features a remarkable synthetic leather that delivers durability and comfort. The forefoot features tiny holes to ensure fresh air gets into the shoes. The collar and tongue have excellent padding to ensure additional cushioning and comfort.


  • Highly cushioned
  • Comfortable
  • True to size.
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor use
  • Offer sturdy platform for intense activities
  • Highly durable
  • Available in various color schemes


  • Some customers complained the ventilation is not enough, the shoes got hot on the inside during intense workouts

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3. Nike Women’s Metcon 5 X Training Shoes

The Metcon 5 X is a perfect CrossFit and weightlifting shoes. This training sneaker delivers comfort, stability, and cushioning to your bad knees.

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The outsole has rubber panels on both sides. The panels have bigger coverage to allow the user to engage in rope climbing successfully without damaging the shoes. The texture of the panels has been constructed carefully to grip the rope in place so it’s easier for the wearer to go up and down with ease.

The outsole of Nike Metcon 5 incorporates two kinds of rubber to provide an excellent mix of durability and traction. The first type is the 004 STICKY RB. This one covers the forefoot section. It offers a good grip and protects the toes from any injuries. The second rubber is the RS 001 RB. It’s located on the sides and bottom of the shoe. The tread pattern helps the shoe hold firmly the surface to avoid slips or falls.

The design of the bottom of the sole features a wide and flat base. This design allows you to have a bigger contact area with your workout surface. This means you can adjust your feet according to your comfort to obtain a steady position. Hence, it becomes easy to lift heavy weights or engage in multidirectional movements.

The midsole features the drop-in element that has a dual-density feature. The heel section has an exceptional foam to give the user needed stability while weightlifting. Further, the forefoot part is constructed properly to caution the foot during bending.


  • Great lacing system.
  • Highly comfortable
  • Protect feet from injuries
  • Flexible forefoot makes the shoe ideal for running
  • Excellent traction


  • Some people say the shoe is bulky

4. New Balance Crush V1 Cross Trainer

The New Balance Crush V1 Cross Trainer is ideal for high and low-intensity workouts. Trainers with bad knees or any other form of foot condition will greatly benefit from exceptional cushioning. The shoe is lightweight; hence, the wearer can make fast movements without feeling heaviness on their feet.

New Balance Crush V1 Cross Trainer View on Amazon

The outsole features Cross TR Fresh Foam full-length rubber that offers needed protection against slips or falls. The outsole is also highly durable and can withstand high levels of abrasion on different workout surfaces. The tread pattern on the sole unit encourages intense movements since it offers an excellent grip.

Other than that, the midsole section features a lighter EVA foam component that delivers bounce back and foot stability.

The uppers features synthetic overlays. These ones are located in the toe box area to offer protection against any toe injury. Further, the lace up system secures your feet inside the shoes. The upper also offers needed comfort thank to the engineered mesh system, which allows for breathability.


  • Enhanced Steadiness
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Good shock absorbing abilities
  • Comfortable
  • Highly supportive
  • Stable durable outsole offers traction


  • A customer complained that the inside of the shoe gets hot during workout

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5. ASICS GEL-190 Cross-Training Shoe

The ASICS GEL-190 Cross-Training Shoe features advanced technologies and updates making it a favorite for those with knee pain.

ASICS GEL-190 Cross-Training Shoe View on Amazon

For starters, the midsole area features DuoMax Support technology. This technology gives the wearer needed support and stability to navigate the cross training session.

In addition, the rearfoot region has a gel cushioning system that delivers excellent shock absorption. As a trainer with bad knees, shoe cushioning is crucial and the GEL-190 promises a painless cross-training session. Hence, a smooth transition.

The midsole also features SpEVA material that promotes bounce back while reducing midsole breakdown. This means you get to endure longer in your exercises without any discomfort.

Furthermore, the ASICS GEL-190 has incredible Rubber sole. The sole is durable, delivers excellent grip preventing slips, and falls.


  • Breathable upper
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Exceptional support and stability
  • Remarkable traction


  • It may run small, so you might need to order a half size higher

6. Inov-8 F-Lite Cross Training Shoes

The Inov-8 Cross Training Shoes comfort, support, and ample cushioning, hence it is a great cross training shoe for those with knee pain, but still want to engage in intense workouts.

Inov-8 F-Lite Cross Training Shoes
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The outsole has an amazing technology, which imitates the structure and shape of the foot. Thus, the sole moves in all directions. The vertical grooves and horizontal cutouts allow the foot to move naturally for more comfort.

The outsole also has a G-Grip rubber that delivers excellent traction and protection to feet during workouts.

The midsole keeps the foot grounded and stable while weightlifting and it doesn’t compromise the cushioning. This way, you get better control of your movements.

The upper section of the shoes feature synthetic overlays. This help to prevent wear and tear while maintain the structure of the upper.


  • Excellent breathable upper
  • Stable
  • Provides comfort offers good traction
  • Exceptional cushioning
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Perfect shoe for rope climbing
  • Highly durable


  • Not ideal for heavy lifts.

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7. Under Armour Project Rock 2 Cross Trainer

The Project Rock 2 is a great cross training shoe for runners with bad knees and other foot conditions. The shoe features HOVR technology in its midsole design.

Under Armour Project Rock 2 Cross Trainer
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HOVR is an exceptional material that provides superior cushioning that protects the trainer’s foot from excess impact while maintaining a bouncy feel. These are important aspects for anyone engaging in high impact exercises.

To ensure more stability HOVR incorporates a firm heel carrier and a compression mesh Energy Web. These characteristics help to maintain the shape of the shoe and prevent it from squashing under heavyweight.

Furthermore, the outsole has a superior rubber texture that grips surfaces properly to prevent slippage or falls. Further, the forefoot section has extra rubber knobs to improve the grip and traction of the shoe.

You’ll notice that the heel and midfoot regions are flat and don’t have lugs. This design helps the user feel secure and grounded. Thus, the feet get improved ground feedback allowing the wearer to make necessary adjustments. The rearfoot area incorporates an outer heel counter. This lightweight yet durable component ensures superior heel stability.

Other than that, flexibility and maximum ground control are what you’ll get, thanks to the TriBase outsole. the TriBase design provides downward and upward flexibility. This means, whichever exercise you’re involved in, these shoes will take you through to the finish.


  • Reliable lacing system
  • The upper ensures breathability
  • Ensures unmatched stability
  • Durability
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Sleek design
  • Excellent traction and grip


  • Some customers complain that the cleatie construction makes it challenging to wear

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Considerations for Best Cross Training Shoes for Bad Knees

To help you make an informed decision I’ve compiled the following factors that you need to consider before getting the best cross-training shoes for bad knees.

1. Breathable Upper

Comfortable and supportive uppers are a huge priority when looking for cross-training shoes. Choose footwear that allows the free flow of air inside the cross-trainer. With bad knees, comfort is crucial to ensure you complete your sessions successfully.

2. Excellent Arch Support

If you find the correct cross-training shoes, then you shouldn’t have painful arches after a workout session.

With bad knees, you would need shoes that have a lot of arch support, cushioning, and stability. The list above has compiled the best available cross-trainers for bad knees.

3. Exceptional Traction

Cross-training involves many activities as such you would want to choose a shoe that delivers good traction. Shoes with a rubber outsole and multidirectional treads will allow you intense movements without falls or slips.


Correct training shoes will help you avoid knee injuries and other foot problems faced by most runners or exercise enthusiasts. Therefore, all the best cross-training shoes for bad knees reviewed above are available on the market. The shoes offer needed support, flexibility, comfort, and cushioning.

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