7 Best Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis 2021

What are the best running shoes for Achilles tendonitis? If you have a tendon problem, using regular shoes to run might worsen the problem. Best Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

As evidenced in our featured list below, the most suitable choice should have a high heel-to-toe drop, supportive padding, flexibility, and enough ankle support.

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Reviews: 7 Best Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis 2021

1. Mizuno Waverider 22 Quality for Achilles Tendonitis

This is the go-to shoe for runners looking for dynamic cushioning and high-level performance. The Waverider offers excellent support which makes it an excellent pick if you are suffering from Achilles tendonitis.

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In addition to its excellent design, this shoe wear offers a smooth underfoot feel, excellent heel support, and superior durability. Their high heel to toe drop design makes them the right choice for tendonitis prone users.

The midsole is perforated in the under heel area which provides a soft landing and superior comfort. The designer has utilized the Cloudwave cushioning technology to offer a responsive ride and a soft running experience.

The sole unit is reinforced through the use of U4ic and U4cix foam in the heel area which improves flexibility while maintaining low weight on the user’s feet. The Mizuno technology integrated into this unit offers you one of the most cushioned feels in the market.

The upper section is specially engineered using DynamotionFit construction technology to improve ventilation and fit. This feature offers temperature control capability and unwavering performance during your runs. The upper section secures on to the upper midfoot and helps keep temperatures low with intensifying performance levels.

The outer sole section is made out of blown rubber. The outsole features durable carbon rubber which improves the longevity of the under sole while providing a snug underfoot feeling.


  • Excellent comfort
  • Breathability and excellent fit
  • High durability


  • Deep knee cut may not be ideal for all feet

2. Asics Gel Nimbus 21 Running Shoe for Women

This shoe wear is packed with plush padding and other superior technologies that align with your natural stride. Version 21 features a vibrant new design reinforced by the Impact Guidance System which allows the shoe to adjust to your natural gait.

Asics Gel Nimbus 21 running shoe for women View on Amazon

The footbed is integrated with the Guidance Trusstic Technology System which improves gait efficiency and offers structural support to your midfoot. The Flytefoam Lyte technology makes up for the lightweight midsole configuration which is supported by organic nanofibers.

The Spevafoam lasting material technology offers a soft platform for improved comfort for Achilles tendonitis users. The vertical flex groove decouples the line of progression to improve gait efficiency. It also features a sock liner with superior bounce back capabilities, breathability, and moisture management features.

The upper section of the shoe features jacquard mesh which allows airflow freely into your midfoot area. The use of synthetic and lightweight upper mesh with a cushioned and tongue and collar ensures a secure and snug fit. This cushioning is ideal for runners dealing with Achilles tendonitis.

The under sole is made using durable high traction rubber which offers flexibility and traction on the track. In addition, a stability heel counter offers support throughout the midfoot section and eases the pressure off the Achilles tendon.


  • Strong and highly durable
  • Highly cushioned for extra support
  • Seamless construction design


  • Feels stiff and narrow for some users

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3. Nike Zoom Air Pegasus 33

This is one of the most renowned neutral running shoes in the market. It is popular for providing excellent arch support and stability powered by Nike Zoom cushioning. In addition to superior breathability, this shoe offers excellent traction and versatility which suits the needs of Achilles tendonitis runners.

Nike Zoom Air Pegasus 33 View on Amazon

The upper section of the shoe features Flywire cables which are highly flexible and capable of hugging the foot and providing support at just the required places. An engineered fly mesh offers breathability and flexibility for drier feet.

The midsole section is specially designed for natural runners seeking to run a lot of miles. It offers a smooth and highly responsive ride which is made possible by the Nike Zoom Cushioning technology.

The footbed is made of flexible fibers that bring the underfoot closer to the ground on impact. It also offers quick rebound capabilities for that super responsive sensation. Nike Air Cushioning offers you longevity for that constant stability across the lifetime of the shoe wear.

This unit features the Nike Waffle Sole rubber technology which offers excellent traction and lightweight performance as compared to other tracks under soles in its class. The sleek design of Pegasus 33 under sole adds to the lightweight design of the shoe.


  • Highly durable
  • Fly mesh upper offers breathability
  • Features Flywire technology which connects to the outsole for improved stability


  • Laces are hard to adjust

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4. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 26 (4E) Quality Running Shoes

The Gel Kayano offers ultra-soft motion control capabilities which makes it an excellent choice for Achilles tendonitis runners. In addition to its high heel drop design, this shoe wear also features a heavy forefoot padding which attenuates shock and helps in managing pain.

ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 26 (4E) Quality Running Shoes View on Amazon

The footbed is constructed using the Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System in the heel area which helps to absorb shock and offer the user a more responsive and comfortable ride. This technology is also applied in the forefoot area which serves to reduces the shoes’ loading forces.

In addition, the Flytefoam Propel technology makes up the midsole. It provides a smooth and responsive ride on any form of terrain. The rustic technology offers stability to the user by preventing the foot from twisting during exercise.

The upper section of Gel Kayano features Jacquard mesh material which offers ventilation and flexibility. Its seamless design spares the wearer the irritation caused by traditional designs of collar tongues. An optional external heel counter offers stability and supports while the padded tongue safeguards the foot in place.

Since this shoe was specially designed for overpronators, the outsole is made using DUOMAX technology which supports the foot on impact as it rolls inwards. The outsole is highly durable and flexible.


  • Guidance Trusstic system keeps the foot stable
  • Offers a responsive ride
  • The high shock absorption capability


  • Relatively heavy

5. Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 Ankle-High Mesh Running Shoe

One of the most prominent features of the Ghost 10 which makes it ideal for Achilles tendonitis wearers is its 12mm midsole drop features which help to relieve stress from the tendon area.

Brooks Men's Ghost 10 Ankle-High Mesh Running Shoe View on Amazon

The midsole area features the DNA Loft technology which offers an ultra-comfortable running experience without compromising on weight. This is reinforced by the BioMoGo technology in the midsole section which offers extra padding. What’s more? BioMoGo offers 30% more cushioning as compared to EVA or GEK cushioning. Together, these two features provide the required amount of snug in the underfoot for Achilles tendonitis sufferers without compromising responsiveness and longevity.

The upper section is specially engineered to provide excellent support and durability. The Gore-Tex membrane help to keep feet dry through the use of waterproof protection in addition to its superior breathability features.

The outsole section the Ghost 10 series utilizes a segmented crash pad with integrated shock absorption capabilities and a smoother heel to toe transition. Omega Flex Grooves provide improved flexibility and support the natural gait cycle movement.


  • The outsole facilitates the natural foot movement
  • It offers an ultra-soft running sensation
  • Smooth heel to toe transition
  • Excellent padding in the midfoot section


  • Its quality is questionable according to some users

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6. Hoka One Bondi 5 Running Shoe

This shoe wear offers an exceptional squishy soft feel and a lightweight sensation. The Bondi brand prides itself as a maximally cushioned shoe wear which offers the runners a snug and smooth ride. It features a more accommodating toe box, improved compression set, support, and balanced ride.

Hoka One Bondi 5 Running Shoe View on Amazon

The midsole section is constructed using EVA technology with HOKA ONE ONE Cushioning for an improved heel to toe transition. The inner sole is made using ortholite technology for that improved cushioning and arch support. The shoe wear provides a pillowy soft sensation for that enhanced comfort during your runs. As with most heavily padded shoe wear designs, you will have to sacrifice on responsiveness and elasticity with this buy.

The upper section features a seamless engineered mesh construction design. The highly flexible and breathable nature of the upper mesh adds to the comfort of this shoe wear. This feature also improves support and comfort. This shoe’s comfort frame upper and cushioned tongue provides all-round comfort.

The outsole is made of high abrasion rubber which adds longevity to the footwear. The under sole offers a wide base for additional support in addition to excellent traction capabilities.


  • Offers a smooth ride
  • Comfortable upper
  • Superior construction design
  • Heavily cushioned


  • Relatively heavy

7. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V7

The 180 V7 is a neutral running shoe that offers exceptional performance on different kinds of terrain. This shoe wear offers a cushioned ride thanks to the EVA Fresh Foam technology throughout the footbed section. This makes it ideal for Achilles tendonitis runners seeking to push their performance.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V7 View on Amazon

The upper section features Fantom Fit Technology which features skeletally engineered upper which improves support and durability. The synthetic upper keeps your feet aerated and comfortable in addition to high-level support.

The midsole section is integrated with the EVA fresh foam technology which offers excellent stability and padding. This is just what you need if you are suffering from Achilles tendonitis. For a more personalized fit, the Fresh Foam v.7 features a detachable insole.

The outsole is made out of blown rubber which offers excellent traction and grip. The outsole also features brown rubber pods that offer a more responsive feel to the rider. Specially designed ENDURANCE Rubber improves longevity in high impact areas. Omega Flex Grooves offer elasticity and facilitate the natural foot movement.


  • EVA fresh form offers superior cushioning
  • Omega flex grooves facilitate natural foot movement
  • Maximum durability
  • Superior comfort and ventilation in the upper section


  • Some users complain of its narrow frame

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Considerations in Best Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

1. Heel cushioning

You might want to go for shoes with superior cushioning to save your Achilles from heavy impact while providing the much-needed support and comfort during the action.

In addition, you need shoes with the right arch support. Shoes that can accommodate orthopedics when necessary are more preferable.

2. Heel drop

This is an important consideration for Achilles Tendonitis sufferers. You need a proper heel lift to provide the required support to the heel area and relieve pressure off your Achilles tendon on high impact. An 8mm heel drop is recommended for users with this challenge.

3. Padding and breathability

User comfort is an important consideration among Achilles Tendonitis wearers. The ideal choice should feature extra padding to take the pressure off your feet and manage inflammation. In addition, you need shoes with breathable features to keep moisture away and keep your feet aerated during heavy exercise.

4. Arch support

This is an important feature in reverting your feet to full recovery if you are suffering from Achilles tendonitis.

You should look for motion control running shoes with a high-density midsole to limit excess foot movement which is responsible for Achilles tendonitis.

5. Ankle collar and In soles

This is a crucial feature in Achilles tendonitis sufferers due to its capacity to prevent ankle fractures and correcting high-pressure motion.

The ideal footbed for Achilles tendonitis wearers should provide sufficient cushioning and improved foot height. This feature should be customizable enough to adapt to the wearer’s feet. The midsole should offer sufficient heel and arch support.

6. Price and design

Although the shoe’s design is not considered a major priority among runners, it is imperative to go for a brand that matches your style. On the other hand, price is an important consideration in determining quality.


Achilles tendonitis should not hinder your passion to run on the track. As long as you go for the right shoes, you should be capable of continually improving yourself in consideration of the above factors.

The key is to reduce pressure in your tendon which can only be achieved by wearing highly comfortable shoes. The shoes contain some amazing features notably it’s superior cushioning and extra arch support making the top picks.

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