7 Best Running Shoes for Fallen Arches 2021

In this article, we’ll review some of the Best Running Shoes for Fallen Arches. Fallen arches (flatfoot condition) is mainly caused by injury or weakening of the posterior tibial tendon (arch-supporting tendon). Best Running Shoes for Fallen Arches

As a result, the arch may gradually start lowering. As time passes, you’ll notice the shape of the foot changes, resulting in other conditions like tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and increased fatigue.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry, with the right type of running shoes, you’ll continue with your normal activities. Related: Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Reviews: Top 7 Best Running Shoes for Fallen Arches 2021

1. Brooks Running Shoes

We begin our review on best Running Shoes for Fallen Arches with this exceptional Brooks beast Running Shoe.

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For starters, this Shoe offers super-soft cushioning. The DNA midsole provides superior cushioning. Therefore, every time you would be out running, your fallen arches will get maximum cushioning preventing common foot injuries.

Also, the Shoe features a Progressive Diagonal Rollbar that helps to ensure you maintain a natural motion as you run.

Furthermore, this Brooks running shoe has an exceptionally engineered air mesh that ensures the Shoe has enough airflow. This means your toes and feet will remain fresh and dry throughout the running session.

Other than that, runners with wider feet will benefit from this shoe, thanks to the spacious forefoot and the spacious toe box. On top of that, the external heel counter and structured saddle provide needed stability.


  • Engineered air mesh ensures breathability
  • Spacious forefoot and toe box
  • Provides soft cushioning
  • Offers maximum stability
  • Enhances the body’s natural motion
  • Amazing heal support and cushioning


  • Expensive

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2. New Balance Running Shoe

New Balance produce some of the best running shoes the world over. Runners with fallen arches or those with overpronation will benefit from this exceptional shoe. The New Balance W870V4 are amazing stability running shoes thanks it its many features.

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For starters, the shoes features an amazing crash pad technology that offer additional cushioning at the forefront and heel section of the foot. Hence, helping to reduce the shock during running.

Furthermore, the lace-up design of this running Shoe offers more stability and unmatched control since you loosen or tighten the Shoe for your comfort.

Also, REVlite midsole increases the responsiveness of these shoes. The added comfort ensure you run without any discomfort.

Other than that, you’ll love the upper, breathable mesh that ensures the free flow of air to your toes. The collar, the padded tongue, and the soft inner lining provide you enjoy maximum comfort while running.

The New Balance 870V4 are highly durable and stable. The shoe features a full-blown rubber outsole. Thus, the shoes remains intact and in good condition even after years of running with fallen arches.


  • Durable and stable
  • Breathable mesh
  • Provides unmatched cushioning
  • Highly comfortable shoe thanks to the exceptional midsole
  • Full-blown rubber


  • Some customers complain that the shoe is not true to size. However, you can order half size up

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3. Mizuno Wave Inspire Running Shoe

The Mizuno Wave running shoes are ideal for runners with fallen arches or those who experience overpronation. These shoes are designed to offers needed support to runners with foot problems.

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The Mizuno Inspire features Double wave technology that aids in providing needed cushioning. The additional cushioning prevents the fallen arches from aggravating helping you to maintain higher energy for a longer run session.

Also, the shoes feature a fantastic wave of technology and U4iC Strobel boards. These technologies aid in absorbing excess shock that your body and feet may experience when running. The techniques also increase the durability of the shoes. Hence, they’ll give you maximum service.

The full toe box makes the shoe ideal for runners with wide feet and fallen arches. The Shoe is wide enough to accommodate the foot comfortably. Hence, you can participate in long-distance running without experiencing discomfort.

You’ll appreciate the exceptionally breathable uppers of these shoes. The breathable design allows the free flow of air inside the shoes. This means your feet and toes will remain dry and fresh during the entire running session.

Furthermore, you can easily remove the insoles and add custom-made orthotics. The forefront of the shoe feature rubber that makes the shoe highly durable but soft to the feet.


  • Wider toe box
  • Innovative technologies
  • Ample cushioning
  • Breathable uppers
  • Removable insoles


  • Some customers complain that they are not true to size

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4. Nike Air Zoom Running Shoes

Nike produces high quality and durable running shoes using advanced technologies. The Nike Air Zoom running shoe is no different. The shoe has an exceptional arch support for runners with fallen arches.

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Other than that, the Nike Air Zoom offers maximum breathability. This is thanks to the mesh inner sleeves and flymesh uppers. Thus, your toes and feet will remain dry and fresh throughout the running period.

Furthermore, the Shoe comes with an exceptional midsole that outmatches other running shoes. The laces feature Flywire cables that help to ensure a secure fit, hence, a comfortable run.

The Air Zoom is a highly responsive running shoe that has maximum cushioning, thus offers needed comfort while running. The boots are available in a range of colors and sizes for both men and women.

Furthermore, the sides of the Nike Air Zoom shoes have amazing rubber crash rails to ensure softer transitions. The waffle outsole offers exceptional traction on all running surfaces. Therefore, with these Nike stability running shoes, you’ll never slide or experience accidental falls.


  • Durable waffle outsole offers traction
  • Exceptional arch support
  • Offers maximum breathability
  • Exceptional midsole


  • None

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5. ASICS GT-1000 7 Running Shoes

The ASICS GT-1000 7 are among the top rated running shoes for fallen arches. If you suffer overproonotatio or are flat footed these are the shoes for you. Asics features some of the advanced technologies in the shoes industries to give you nothing but the best.

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For starters, the shoes features a DuoMax midsole that offers exceptional stability and support. On top of that, the midsole also features spEVA materials that ensures high durability.

Furthermore, the ASICS GT-1000 features removable foam insole, breathable fabric lining tongue, and padded collar. All these aspects ensure you have comfortable shoes that will take you through run without any foot pain.

These ASICS running shoes have a full toe box. Therefore, if you’re looking for wide width running shoes, these would be an excellent choice. Further, the forefoot and the rear foot have a gel that helps in shock absorption during running.

Also, the shoes feature a durable rubber outsole that offers excellent traction while running or walking. The lace-up fronts offer secure feet to give you needed stability while running.

On top of that, the shoes feature Guidance System Technology that helps in gait efficiency thus, enhancing the overall motion of the body as you run.


  • Offers exceptional stability and support
  • Highly durable shoes
  • Wider toe box
  • Rubber outsole offers good traction
  • Supports body natural gait


  • You may need to choose a half size higher for a secure fit

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In this review on best running shoes for fallen arches, we’ve selected only the best running shoes that would help relieve your foot pain. Thus, with the above selection, you can now participate in long distance running or marathons.

Therefore, if you need extra arch support, have fallen arches, overpronation, or flat feet, choose any of the reviewed shoes, and you would be good to go.

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