7 Best Running Shoes for Hallux Rigidus 2021

Below is a review of the Best Running Shoes For Hallux Rigidus that’ll help you identify the right footwear for managing this condition. 

Hallux Rigidus causes the hardening of the big toe joint as a result of a degenerative arthritis condition. Best Running Shoes For Hallux Rigidus This necessitates the user to adjust their gait in response to the inflammation caused to the toe joint.

Size is an important consideration when choosing the right Hallux Rigidus shoes because wearing a size too small adds extra strain on the affected toe joint hence worsening the condition.

Reviews: 7 Best Running Shoes for Hallux Rigidus 2021

1. HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Clifton 4 Running Shoe for Hallux Rigidus

This award-winning running shoe offers a light and cushy ride thanks to an upgraded padding package that lines throughout the shoe. Read this guide – the 7 reliable Hallux Rigidus treatment options.

HOKA ONE ONE Men's Clifton 4 Running Shoe for Hallux Rigidus
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The midsole is lined with an upgraded foam package for that smooth ride and improved fit. It also features a wider toe box as compared to the previous version which makes it perfect for wearers with Hallux Rigidus.

The midsole section is made of full EVA material featuring HOKA ONE ONE cushioning. This midsole geometry makes for a more adaptive forefoot and smooth ride across the lifespan of the footwear.

The shoe’s full ground contact design and flat geometry provide a smooth heel transition. The footbed is reinforced with a molded Ortholite sock liner.

The shoes upper is made of engineered mesh which is designed to improved support and breathability. The upper section is made of a seamless design which has eliminated the need for a padded tongue for a more improved fit.

The outer sole of the Hooka ONE ONE utilizes high abrasion rubber in high impact areas which serve to attenuate shock and improve durability. The full-contact design utilized in this version makes it ideal for Hallux Rigidus sufferers.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Exceptional cushioning and stability
  • Highly comfortable


  • The durability of the outer sole is disputed by some users

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2. Sketchers Women’s Shape Ups 2.0 fashion sneaker

This is an excellent choice for fitness sessions if you are suffering from Hallux Rigidus thanks to its outstanding comfort. The Sketchers 2.0 features a stiff synthetic under sole which facilitates more footrest by allowing the toes to lie on a flat plane. This reduces the pain associated with the twisting of the toes during motion.

Sketchers Women’s Shape Ups 2.0 fashion sneaker View on Amazon

The midsole section features integrated memory foam. The memory foam technology is air-cooled to provide a moisture-free walking performance. The Kinetic Wedge soft foam is utilized throughout the footbed for improved shock attenuation. In addition to providing excellent comfort, this feature also accounts for the light design of this shoe wear. The inner midfoot section is reinforced through the use of a firm polyurethane frame.

The upper foot section is made of smooth trubuck leather in the padded collar and tongue sections. The side and upper sections of this shoe wear utilize the ripstop textured mesh fabric for improved cooling effect. This shoe wear’s lace-up design closely mirrors an athletic casual walking model. The outer sole is made of sculpted rubber.


  • Heavy padding guarantees maximum comfort
  • Features a stylish design and a variety of colors
  • Highly durable
  • Hardy performance


  • Relative expensive

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3. Altra Instinct 4.5 for men

This unit is a major upgrade from the previous version featuring a Footshape Toe Box which gives more room for your toes to relax and roll more naturally for that improved comfort and stability.

Altra Instinct 4.5 for men View on Amazon

The footbed section features balanced cushioning which positions your heel and forefoot in the same distance from the landing surface for that low impact performance as you run along. The upper section features an engineered mesh for improved breathability.

What’s more? The midsole features the Inner Flex technology which features grid-like grooves throughout the footbed which serves to offer your heel more flexibility. The lightweight nature of the Flex technology gives you improved speed and performance.

The outer sole is made of full rubber material which adds to the shoe’s durability. The designers have utilized the Full Rubber Footbed Technology which helps your bones and tendons move more naturally. The high traction outsole provided for added stability and support.

The Instinct 4.5 has a sufficient toe box space which makes this unit the ideal choice for users experiencing the hardening of the big toe joint. The upper has been upgraded to provide more comfort and improved fit.


  • Foot-designed toe box
  • High traction outsole
  • Lightly cushioned footbed


  • Limited color choices to pick from

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4. New Balance MW928v3 for men

This athletic performance shoe wear features Abzorb midfoot padding and Rollbar technology for improved stability and control. This feature helps in managing stability and motion control for improved management of the Hallux Rigidus.

New Balance MW928v3 for men View on Amazon

In addition to utilizing the ABZORB technology, this footwear also features the ROLLBAR and Walking Strike Path technologies in the footbed section. These features improve comfort and support while the Rollbar features help in managing excess foot movement and providing stability during motion. A removable polyurethane footbed gives you a customized fit and all-day comfort. In addition, the midfoot area features a seamless odor-resistant Phantom line for improved aeration and odor-free feet.

The upper section is made of leather cushioned material which provides breathability and a snug fit. The top collar is made using synthetic material which integrates sufficient cushioning material to improve comfort. The tongue is made of synthetic mesh material but like the outer collar section, it is covered with leather.

The under sole features a rubber outsole that features a walking strike path that offers superior stability and excellent grip capabilities.


  • Available in neutral colors for masculine wearers
  • ABZORB Midfoot padding improves support and comfort
  • Rollbar technology improves stability during motion


  • Relatively bulky

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5. Altra Men’s Olympus 3.5 Trail Running Shoe

The Clarks Cortell shoes is a dress-up an option whose stunning design makes them the ideal choice for keeping your toes secure and pain-free during special occasions. This is made possible by the use of a rocker bottom sole which offers motion control capabilities while reducing strain in the toe area.

Altra Men's Olympus 3.5 Trail Running Shoe View on Amazon

The footbed section of this shoe wear is integrated with Ortholite technology which helps in managing moisture and improving comfort. Ortholite offers high performance and shock absorption capabilities by utilizing the open-cell foam technology. This shoe is designed for lasting comfort and superior softness. The Ortholite foam inlay is conveniently lined throughout the inner section which helps in providing improved stability with every step.

The under sole is made of durable rubber sole which offers you excellent traction which helps keep you firmly on the ground. The sole section also features moderate arch support which helps relieve stress on your heel.

The upper section is made of soft leather design which provides a comfortable fit and improved ventilation. It also features a lace-up design that provides more snug and reduced strain on your feet.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Motion control capability
  • Stunning design
  • Highly comfortable rocker sole design


  • Relatively rigid

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6. Brooks Men’s Adrenalin Gts 19 Ankle-High Running Mesh Shoe

The Adrenalin Gts 17 wide toe box makes them an ideal casual wear choice for Hallux Rigidus sufferers because it offers plenty of wiggle room for your toes.

In addition, this clog features an anatomically designed midsole and anti-fatigue bottom which makes it the perfect choice for wearers with different feet conditions.

Brooks Men's Adrenalin Gts 19 Ankle-High Running Mesh Shoe
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An anatomically designed midsole provides an inner frame for support and stability. The inner frame of this shoe wear integrates the PU technology which helps to reduce twisting and providing firmness. The Polyurethane feature also helps in improving the shoes’ shock absorption.

The removable footbed is made of EVA and memory foam cushioned inner sole. This gives you the versatility to fit in your personal orthotics. The upper section is made of specialty leather material. A cushioned instep collar further improves comfort when walking. A leather sock lining provides extra-long wear comfort.

The outsole area features the anti-fatigue rocker bottom which not only improves forward motion but also adds hours of support across the day. The Adrenalin Gts 17 also features a protective heel counter which offers lateral stability while allowing your heel to move flexibly.


  • Features a roomy toe box
  • Excellent stability and support
  • Anti-fatigue rocker bottom


  • Comes in a basic design

7. Altra Men’s Torin 3 Athletic Shoe

This is a top pick for hikers with Hallux Rigidus due to its capacity to provide a comfortable and stable hiking performance on the toughest trails while keeping your toes protected. In addition, it features a huge and reinforced toe box and a trial-specific rubber outsole.

Altra Men's Torin 3 Athletic Shoe View on Amazon

The footbed section is made of dual-density and compression-molded EVA which serves to provide support and attenuate shock. The footbed is integrated with probiotic technology which provides anti-odor properties. The internal support mechanism is designed to give the user extra support while hugging the natural contours of the heel.

The upper section is constructed using durable waterproof leather material with a breathable lining containing moisture absorbing and non-irritating features.

The tongue and collar sections are cushioned for extra support. The outsole is made of heavy-duty rubber with trail-specific properties in addition to high durability.

The buggy design of the under sole further improves the traction of the shoe wear. This shoe wear utilizes the Keen Dry waterproof membrane with breathable features which allows sweat to evaporate while keeping external moisture out.


  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Highly durable
  • Breathable features on the outer membrane


  • Not comfortable after long hours of use

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Considerations for Best Shoes for Hallux Rigidus

1. Toe box and Upper section

Your ideal pick should provide a large toe box to provide enough wiggle room for your toes. The best shoes feature a reinforced and roomy interior for improved flexibility.

You might want to go for shoes with a soft and elastic upper section to avoid adding strain to the toes. The upper collar should provide a comfortable fit while providing breathability throughout the shoe.

2. Comfort and support

Comfort is a critical factor when shopping for Hallux Rigidus shoes. You might want to go for shoes with a soft upper and a fitting size which leaves your toe joint comfortable.

Your preferred choice should contain a supportive inner sole and shock absorbent features. Shoes that offer the option of fitting an orthotic insert are preferable if you are looking for a customized fit.

3. Stability and motion control and Sole

This is an important consideration in controlling excess foot motion and keeping your movements firm. A metal brace throughout the sole lining can help in improving stability.

Hallux Rigidus wearers need shoes with a stiff and inelastic outsole made with slip-resistant properties. An inflexible under sole is preferred due to its capacity to reduce excess foot movement. You might want to go for shoes that distribute your weight evenly while providing shock absorption properties.

4. Heel and sole configuration plus Fit

Going for shoes with roller bottom sole or a rocker sole design offers you an added advantage in controlling motion if you are suffering from Hallux Rigidus.

The most preferable choice should be fit enough to keep your foot in place during motion.

5. The softness of the material and Arch support

While the sole area needs to be sturdy, you need flexible material on the upper section of the shoe to allow you to get the shoes on and off effortlessly without straining the big toe.

Regardless of the cause of the Rigidus problem, it is prudent to go for shoes with additional arch support. You need shoes with sufficient arch support capable of distributing your weight evenly.


So, What’s the Best Running Shoes For Hallux Rigidus? It is a painful and comfortable experience to go about your favorite activities with an inflamed toe joint.

Thankfully, being diagnosed with this condition does not mean the end of walking or running exercise. Our featured list covers a list of shoes that are capable of protecting your big toe regardless of the occasion.

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