7 Best Shoes for Cardio Dance in 2021

The ideal cardio dance shoes should be specially designed to anticipate numerous and sudden foot movements. Best Shoes for Cardio Dance

The best shoes for cardio dance (see videos) would be the best solution.

Also, to provide adequate stability, shock absorption, and responsiveness. This is particularly helpful in cardio workouts for beginners.

The cardio dance shoes should feature a pivot point to allow the user to spin around smoothly when dancing for the best experience.

7 Best Shoes for Cardio Dance in 2021

1. Ryka Vida RZX training shoe for women with RE-ZORB heel

The Ryka brand has differentiated itself as one of the most preferred types of dance shoes. It features the RZX technology in the heel area which provides extra support on impact even for older citizens doing the cardio dance.

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With this model, pivoting has never been more smooth. This shoe is guaranteed to offer you a high impact cardio dance performance due to the incorporation of a good combination of the outsole, upper, and midsole sections.

If you are a woman dancer who is passionate about dance classes, this shoe is perfect for you because it is specially designed for indoor use – these are comparable to the Jazzercise shoes.

One of their best features is the sole pivot which makes it easy to spin, twist, and turn around in. It also features a RE-ZORB heel which helps in cushioning your foot and impact absorption.

This shoe model features a flexible midsole with alternating flex grooves on the top and bottom parts which help to ease the pressure off your feet during your dance sessions. The insole features a padded footbed that is made using EVA technology.

The tongue and collar sections in the upper part are heavily padded for that extra comfort during your cardio dance sessions.


  • Features an outer sole pivot
  • Shock absorbing feature in the midsole
  • Comfortable upper sole


  • Comes in irregular sizes

2. ASICS Women’s GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe Great For Cardio

This shoe wear contains a special gel cushioning which aids in shock absorption during toe offs whereas a glove-like fit keeps your feet secure.

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The GEL technology offers improved cushioning whereas the 360 Fluid skin in the upper section adapts to your feet. This lightweight shoe’s gradient mesh is made using 3D print.

Version 20 of the Gel Cumulus has been updated to put more emphasis on reduced weight while maintaining the same performance. A two-layered midsole guarantees you a smooth transition during your cardio dance sessions no matter where your feet land.

For the best in class ground responsiveness, this shoe also features the FlyteFoam Propel technology in the underfoot section. This feature utilizes organic fibers which help in increasing the resiliency of the midsole section.

At only 10.8 oz, this version is lighter than its predecessor. The women’s version is even lighter which helps protects women Achilles injury.

As compared to other lightweight shoe designs, you won’t have to worry about foot cramps or arch irritation with the Gel Nimbus 20 because the gel cushioning runs from the rear foot to the forefoot sections of the shoe.


  • Heel drop feature
  • Two-layered midsole
  • Lightweight


  • Relatively pricey

3. ASICS Women’s Rhythmic 3 – Durable Cardio Dance Shoe

The contribution of Asics in producing high-quality dancing shoes is well documented. It features the Gel Cushioning system which provides excellent support even for prolonged periods of jumping and twisting around.

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This is the ultimate pick for dancers particularly because it provides two pivot points on the under sole for improved stability. These are conveniently positioned on the front and back sections of the shoe.

The Rhythmic 3 is made out of synthetic upper mesh which gives your feet breathing space during high impact cardio dance sessions. This section is also highly flexible, which provides adequate support for the upper section of the foot.

These shoes weigh merely 6.2 oz, making the model the lightest cardio dancing shoes. A highly padded underfoot provides adequate lateral and arch support. This feature protects you from injury and irritations when you twist your foot during intense dance sessions.

The outsole is made of rubber which improves your grip and traction when dancing. This guarantees you the maximum grip you need to prevent slipping on all kinds of surfaces. This feature is further reinforced by two pivot points in the front and back sections of the outsole.


  • Excellent traction and stability
  • Lateral and ankle support
  • Stylish
  • Durable


  • The collar feels tight for some users

4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Fit Sana 3 Gym Training and Cross-Trainer Shoe

This model is the ultimate pick for light training and studio workouts. This shoe will allow remaining and agile while training. These shoes come equipped with a mono-sock fit and a flexible internal sleeve which replaces the traditional tongue for improved snug and comfort during your dance sessions.

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Its soft and flexible nature guarantees you uninterrupted performance during dance such as chafing and irritation. The mono sock construction design offers a sock-like sensation. In addition, the mono-sock design provides a personalized fit that allows you to enhance your dance performance. It also features a rearfoot GEL Cushioning System which absorbs shock on impact hence allowing for a smooth transition to the foot’s mid-section.

The mid-sole section is made out of SpEVA material which offers bounce-back capabilities while providing more durability. Its flexible nature allows you to spin 360 degrees while its multidirectional gloves allow dancing effortlessly.

The FIT SANA 3 weighs only 170g which gives you a light feeling. It also features an easy slip-on mono sock design for that effortless slip-on.


  • Highly flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Heel sections fit perfectly on and off your feet.


  • Comes in limited colors

5. RYKA Women’s Moxie Gym WorkOut and Cross-Training Shoe

This low profile training shoe is specifically designed for dance-inspired studio classes. In addition to providing excellent performance, this model is highly affordable.

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The midsole section of this shoe is made of a removable footbed which is made of EVA foam which provides extra support and cushioning. This feature also provides arch support and comfort for the best cardio dance performance. The Ryka Moxie also provides you with the option of adding customized orthotics depending on the users’ feet.

The under sole is made of flexible rubber which offers you excellent traction capability on different surfaces. This feature is reinforced by the use of a pivot point which guarantees you effortless bending and twisting capability without straining your feet.

The upper section of the Ryka Moxie is made of breathable mesh and suede material which gives it a stylish finish. In addition, it features a padded collar and tongue which offer extra effort during intense dance sessions. It also contains reflective stripes for improved visibility in low lit areas.


  • Features two pivot points for improved flexibility
  • Its upper part is supportive and breathable
  • Inner cushioning serves to protect the inner arch of the heel


  • Not suitable for wet conditions

6. New Balance WX608V4 Cardio Training shoe for Women

This version of New Balance cross training women’s shoes are specially designed for user comfort and stability. In addition, this series features premium cushioning whereas outsole flex grooves improve the shoe’s flexibility. The comfort and stability offered by this shoe make it ideal for any cardio dancer.

New Balance WX608V4 Cardio Training shoe for Women View on Amazon

The WX608V4 series features the IMEVA technology which allows for improved flexibility to allow for the natural movement of the metatarsal joints. The injection-molded EVA feature allows provides a firm and elastic cushioning. An internal shack provides arch support and restricts the forefoot from bending which also protects the midfoot section from sustaining injuries. It also features dual lateral support.

This shoe features a breathable textile upper part. It also features a mesh tongue and perforation in the front and back sections of the foot which prevents your sweating during dance workouts. The traditional lace-up system provided by this shoe wear provides a secure fit which ensures that each dance move is stable and secure. A removable inner sole allows the user to adjust your fit based on the features of your feet.


  • Fits perfectly
  • It offers adequate ankle support
  • Lightweight design
  • Stylish
  • Ideal for wide feet


  • Offers limited color options to choose from

7. Adidas Performance Men’s Icon 4 Cardio Dance or Baseball Shoe

This is the most versatile choice for dance and work out sessions because it is designed to offer you more freedom and energy during dance activities. Additionally, these training shoes are designed for increased durability and breathability which allows you to bring out your best during practice.

Adidas Performance Men's Icon 4 Cardio Dnce or Baseball Shoe View on Amazon

The foam cushioning located in the midsole section offers sock attenuation with every dance move. Its low profile nature enhances stability during dance workouts. This shoe also offers you quick responsiveness and instant energy for that effortless toe-off.

The outsole area utilizes translucent rubber which is both durable and appealing to the eyes. Its highly durable nature also serves to protect the midsole section from wear and tear. The shoe treads provide improved traction as you dance around in all directions.

The upper section of the shoe is made of flexible but tightly woven fabric mesh. This area provides printed overlays which serve to protect the mesh from damage while at the same time providing support to the upper part of foot. The shoelaces are integrated into the upper section for improved support when your ankle moves sideways.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Excellent support on the ankle area
  • Highly durable


  • The collar fits tight to some users

Considerations for Best Cardio Dance Shoes

1. Breathability

An intensive cardio dance session will leave you drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. However, your feet need breathable shoes to keep your fit dry and comfortable.

The most ideal cardio dance shoes choice allows for improved aeration and regulation of temperature. This is made possible by the use of mesh fabric. Read Also: Should you do cardio first or last?

2. Comfort

Whether you are engaged in lower or mid-impact aerobics or cardio dance classes, it is imperative to ensure you are comfortable with that exceptional performance. The amount of cushioning needed depends on the shape of your feet or preference.

Dancers with high heel arches need extra padding on the tongue and upper foot section. The most common cushioning material for the midsole area is EVA in addition to Gel materials. In addition, extra heel cushioning helps in preventing user fatigue.

3. Fit

In addition to the user comfort, the ideal cardiac dancing shoes should wrap around the users’ feet comfortably through the use of conveniently positioned shoelaces or Velcro straps which provide a firm grip.

Further, the ideal fit should be constructed using high materials which are not irritable during dance sessions. Whereas the ideal should not be tight, they should also not be loose, only leaving extra room to support the ankle area.

4. Flexibility

Cardio dance sessions call for a lot of flexibility to allow the user to execute their moves safely and smoothly. The various dance activities involved in cardio dance sessions require proper shoes to support the entire body weight while improving flexibility in the joints.

The ideal choice should be capable of keeping pace with the body’s movements. The ideal underfoot section should be highly flexible while the upper shoe section should not be too stiff. If you have flat feet, you should consider going for a trainer with extra support.

5. Versatility

An overview of the available choices in the market reveals that shoe manufacturers have not specialized in manufacturing cardio dance shoes per se. Choosing a versatile athletics shoe is preferable if you are looking to participate in track activities or aerobics.

Rather, their target users range from cross trainers to track and trail runners to the cross-fit type. If you are looking for extra traction and shock absorbing capabilities, trail running, and cross-training shoes are the most suitable choices.


The ideal choice of cardio dance should be capable of allowing you to move effortlessly in order to avoid injuries to the users’ feet. For dance sessions on smooth surfaces, the ideal should be lightweight and highly flexible.

The right pick should have a combination of excellent cushioning, support stability, and flexibility. The Asics GEL-FIT Sana 3 for women has emerged as the ultimate pick for light training and studio workouts in our featured list.


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