7 Best Shoes for Jazzercise in 2021

You need the best shoes for jazzercise to excel in this revolutionary dance craze. Best Shoe for Jazzercise Jazzercise is an excellent way of keeping your body fit because it offers you a full body work out while relaxing your mind with relaxing tunes.

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The Ryka women’s influence training shoes stands out as one the best picks because it contains all the features you need to participate in jazz exercise.

Reviews: 7 Best Shoes for Jazzercise in 2021

1. Ryka women’s Influence Quality Training Shoes

This Ryka model is one of the most recognized high-intensity dance shoes available in the market today because it has all the features you need for jazzercise.

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The Ryka influence features RE-ZORB technology which offers responsive cushioning in the underfoot and shock absorption capabilities. The inner soles are anatomically designed to provide that extra heel arch support. The midsole also features the N-Gage EVA foam which returns energy with each impact and reduces fatigue during long work out sessions.

The outer sole section is made out of flexible rubber material which offers excellent grip on all surfaces. In addition to its highly durable nature, the under sole section is reinforced for extra grip where the footwear makes contact with the ground. Its highly flexible nature makes it an excellent choice for jazzercise.

The upper section is made out of synthetic material with superior durability and flexibility features. A fabric mesh offers ventilation and comfort. A cushioned tongue and collar further improves the comfort of this shoe wear.

Another unique feature of this Ryka model is its soft and synthetic outer material which contributes to the lightweight nature of this shoe.


  • Features larger instep space and underfoot
  • Guarantees a more secure fit
  • Ergonomically designed sole
  • Highly comfortable


  • Not ideal for users with wide feet

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2. Bloch dance women’s DRT shoes

With this Bloch dancing shoe, you are guaranteed to boost your dance practice skills. This footwear features a slip sole which guarantees maximum flexibility while the lace-up design secures your upper foot section in place.

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Bloch women’s dancing shoes are manufactured using superlight materials for that customized fit. This upper section of this footwear offers a comfortable fit due to its variable lacing design. The upper foot section also features a breathable synthetic mesh reinforced by suede material.

The midsole section is made of man-made flexible material which is air-cushioned and capable of handling the pressure of up to PSI. The inner sole section also features a compression-molded sock liner. What’s more? This dancing shoe also features a Dri-Lex lining with non-wrinkling capabilities and odor-resistant features.

This shoe’s heel section features the Dynamic Resistance Technology padding for improved comfort and shock absorption capabilities. Moreover, this shoe wear features a dancer-specific built-in arch support for the best arch elevation and comfort. A P.U pivot point improves the shoe’s flexibility while providing excellent traction and user freedom.

The outsole section features a four-part high-density material with a spin spot that allows for 360-degree turn performance. It contains lightweight and non-marking features in addition to providing excellent arch support.


  • Lightweight
  • Highly comfortable
  • Excellent arch support


  • Not ideal for users with wide feet

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3. Asics Gel-Fit Tempo 3

This Asics model is a hybrid cross-training shoe that is capable of adapting to high-intensity training while allowing you to excel in your dance classes. In addition, its integration of the Rearfoot GEL cushioning provides extra comfort during intense dance sessions.

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This feature also serves to improve shock absorption and grip on different surfaces. This shoe allows for smoother transition midstance and attenuates shock on impact.

In addition to its appealing visual design, this shoe wear is specially designed for high impact training activities. It is powered by the revolutionary Rear Foot Gel cushioning technology which is conveniently positioned in the outer sole pads for improved traction and shock absorption capabilities.

The upper part of this shoe features a nylon mesh fabric that offers a sock-like sensation and excellent breathability. This shoe wear utilizes a seamless construction design on the forefoot which spares you the hassle of friction and irritability associated with traditionally designed shoes.

This shoe offers excellent comfort and foot support for indoor training and jazzercise. It also feels light on the feet which makes it ideal for making daily walks. The style and visually attractive design employed in making this shoe wear make it the ideal choice for jazz exercise.


  • Sufficient shock attenuation capability
  • Provides less friction
  • Suitable for high impact training


  • Insufficient toe box

4. Under-Armour Micro G Assert 7 for men

As jazzercise gains more popularity among men, going for the right choice of shoes for this fitness dance regime is becoming more prudent.

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The Micro-Assert G, which features a wide range of color combinations could be just what you need. This footwear comes in different sizes which range from 7 to 15 with medium width fitting.

This shoe wear features an EVA sock liner that runs full length from heel to toe. This feature provides additional comfort and allows you to customize your fit. The midsole also features a Micro G foam which allows you to convert energy generated on impact into explosive toe offs.

The upper section of this footwear features a light and supportive foam that is housed inside the fabric of ventilated mesh. This section is reinforced by durable leather material which helps in improving stability and locking you’re midfoot during intense dance sessions.

The underfoot features strategically positioned rubber traction in high impact areas which serve to increase the shoe’s grip and durability. The under sole is lightweight in design but it provides longevity in the areas that make more contact with the ground. The rubber sole also offers excellent traction capabilities and flexibility.


  • Lightweight in design
  • Highly stable
  • Flexible


  • Features a narrow midfoot section

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5. Ryka Tenacity cross trainer shoe for women

The versatile nature of this shoe wear gives you the option of combining street style with work-out and dance functionality. Feel stability and support with every dance step in these Ryka high-performance shoes.

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Despite its high top style design, this unit features a breathable upper section made of synthetic mesh which helps in improving breathability. A cushioned tongue and collar sections spare you the hassle of friction and fatigue. A lace-up front keeps your foot secured whereas the round toe design protects your feet from injury.

The midsole features a dual foam installation that offers you extra padding in the forefoot pressure areas. The footbed section of this shoe is designed using RE-ZORB technology which offers lush-padded comfort and shock-absorbing capabilities. A mid-foot strap which features and hook and loop lock function offers you a secure fit.

A pivot point design in the under sole provides excellent traction which makes this shoe the ideal pick for jazz exercise. The heel section is molded with IHG which provides excellent support and stability.


  • Features a lace-up front section
  • Midsole section offers a secure fit
  • Features the revolutionary pivot design
  • High ankle support


  • It only comes in the medium width fitting

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6. Nike TR8 Women’s gym training shoe

The Nike TRS Series features a strong heel and extra padding which secures and contains your foot in place. The sole is not only highly flexible but it also provides a lightweight feel and support with every step. This shoe is specially designed for dance classes and studio which makes it the ideal choice for jazzercise.

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The midsole section features an additional layer of soft foam padding which wraps around your underfoot and provides a supportive hug for that extra support as you move around during dance sessions. A full-length inner sleeve provides a sock-like sensation.

The under sole is ultra-flexible and features deep grooves in the sole area which allows the footwear to flex and expand in all directions hence providing a natural and lightweight sensation. This shoe also features rubber pods in high impact areas which serve to reduce traction and increase durability.

The upper is strong and highly flexible and features 3D haptic printed technology which enhances the breathability of the TR 8 training shoes. The midfoot section is secured in place by ultralight Flywire cables which integrate with the shoe’s laces for more stability and support.


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Flat heel offers stability
  • Highly flexible
  • Lightweight in design


  • Comes in smaller sizes

7. Capezio Fierce Dansneaker DS11 for women

With this shoe, you are assured of a comfortable spin thanks to its integrated flex points and a spin spot in the forepart. In addition, this shoe wear features a padded Achilles notch and inner sole for maximum comfort in your jazzercise sessions.

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The under sole is a lightweight design with patented flex points that serve as a spin spot in the front section of the shoe. It also features a split sole design which improves foot articulation and heel flexibility.

The midsole features a removable contoured and padded EVA footbed. The support of this shoe features a built-in arch design. The Capezio DS11 also features foam cushioning from the back to the fore sections of the shoe. The front section features a flat boxed toe design.

The upper section of the shoe is made out of tech mesh and synthetic leather. These breathable features keep you aerated throughout your dance session. The tongue and collar sections are heavily padded for that extra comfort on your upper midfoot section. It also features a looped lacing system with polyester laces.


  • Features an arch support
  • Lightweight in designed
  • Features a contoured and padded footbed


  • Comes in small sizes

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Considerations in Best Shoes for Jazzercise

1. Cushioning for extra comfort

You need that cushioning effect even after the mildest impact. This feature adds that extra softness to cushion you against fatigue and pains during intense dance sessions.

A padded insole helps to attenuate shock as you leap about while a cushioned midsole provides comfort relieves your feet and joints of fatigue. For users with high arches, extra padded is needed on the tongue in the lace-up area.

2. Support

The most ideal choice of jazz exercise shoes should be capable of supporting your leg movements. Jazzexercise entails several movements with upbeat routines.

Your preferred pick should provide an excellent support system for all your dance sessions. Because jazz exercise is considered a high impact activity, heel support is a critical feature in attenuating shock. In addition, you require shoes with sufficient lateral support as you dance about.

3. Flexibility and Lightweight design

You might want to go for a shoe that allows you to move or bend your feet when needed. The importance of this feature is well recognized by jazz exercise enthusiasts.

You need lightweight shoes to allow you to jump, twist, and turn round with relative ease without exerting unnecessary weight on your foot.

The ideal footwear should feature lightweight upper mesh and rubber outsole. It should not exert additional pressure on your knees or hinder your movements.

4. The overall fit and Breathability

How well your jazz exercise shoes fit is an important consideration in ensuring that your feet don’t slip during the action. Additionally, the ideal choice of footwear should not contain cramped up toe space.

The perfect should feel snug and comfortable with a bit of wiggle room in the front section. The ideal choice of jazz exercise shoes should be well ventilated to allow air to circulate.

This feature prevents your feet from sweating during heated exercises. In addition to a breathable upper mesh section, another to look out for small holes on the sides allow air to circulate particularly in leather shoes.


Finding the best shoes for jazzercise can be a challenging endeavor with the availability of so many similar brands in the market. Our featured list will spare you the hassle of picking the right shoes by highlighting the best features to look out for.

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