7 Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 2021

If you are dealing with plantar fasciitis, you need the best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis. Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Such shoes will absorb the impact caused by tissues and tendons in the heel area.

A two-way fastening system allows the user to conveniently strap up the shoe from either side. What’s more? A tieless lacing system eliminates the need tie-up design laces.

7 Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 2021

1. Orthofeet Verve-Torquoise Plantar Fasciitis Orthopedic

With this ortho feet proved walking shoe, you get excellent anatomical arch support, flexibility, and sufficient padding on all the pressure points on your feet.

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What makes this shoe wear an excellent solution for plantar fasciitis wearers is its high-quality orthotic footbed which improves stability and comfort, a protective interior, and non-binding uppers.

The upper section features a stretchable mesh fabric for improved breathability while the upper heel section is heavily padded for that added support.

The midsole features premium orthotic support attenuated by anatomical arch support and several layers of cushioning which improve comfort and relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

An anatomical footbed, which features an anti-microbial fabric lining, offers you excellent arch support. The orthotic innersoles are retractable to provide room for personalized orthotics.

In the outer sole area, the Ergonomic-Stride designed cushioning softens each stride which helps propel you forward. The under sole area features thick and flexible blown rubber which offers excellent traction on different ground surfaces.


  • Highly comfortable
  • The tieless system allows user to conveniently take the shoes on and off
  • Non-binding upper for a snugger feel
  • Excellent arch support


  • Not very durable

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2. Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Men’s Walking Shoes

The designers at Vionic developed these grey sneakers to deal with the daily discomforts associated with plantar fasciitis. This unit’s integration of Orthaheel Technology offers the user improved arch support needed to keep you going all day long.

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The upper section features a polyester mesh fabric with a PU foam material which helps increase breathability, eliminate sweat build-up, and providing a snug fit hence protecting the feet from blisters with continuous use. A heavily padded tongue and collar design help to improve user stability during the action.

In the midsole section, a specially designed EVA midsole helps absorb shock and relieve pain from the feet, knees, and ankle. The footbed is motion-controlled while a deep help cup design helps in correcting movement to achieve a healthier gait. The retractable design of the midsole allows you to insert custom orthotics.

The outsole features a reinforced rubber material and tread design for improved traction on different surfaces. A supportive heel cup will help align your posture while a specially designed biomechanical footbed will help attenuate and distribute shock evenly on all types of surfaces.


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Highly comfortable
  • Excellent arch support thanks to the Vionic Orthaheel technology


  • Relatively pricey

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3. Saucony Omni Walker walking shoe

With this highly comfortable sneaker, you will find it appropriate for wearing in different professional settings thanks to their black or white color designs.

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More specifically, a review of this unit’s special features suggests that Plantae fasciitis sufferers will enjoy this shoe thanks to its integration of thermoplastic elastomer filaments which provides heavy padding and stability.

A compression-molded EVA foam helps in improving user comfort while protecting the arch from shock and impact regardless of the terrain.

In the midsole section, the Rearfoot Grid system works hand in hand with the High Rebound Compound technology to add cushioning to correct your gait.

A midfoot support bridge provides sufficient user support and shock absorption features as you walk about in rough terrains. The aesthetic nature of these shoes is evidenced by the use of full-grain leather in the upper section.

A breathable mesh lines the tongue and collar sections which help improve the shoe’s ventilation. The shoe utilizes the traditional lace-up closure system which provides an adjustable fit.

The under sole the Grid Omni Walker features carbon rubber XT-900 which improves user grip and traction on different terrains. This unit’s undersole utilizes forefoot flex grooves to facilitate a flexible heel to toe transition.


  • Great fit
  • Durable construction
  • Sufficient ankle support


  • Lacks waterproof features

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4. Brooks Addiction Walker for women

This is the go-to shoe for fitness walkers with plantar fasciitis seeking to lead an active life. Brooks is synonymous with designing superior quality and highly durable shoe wear with superior quality and capable of managing foot pain.

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The Addiction Walker is no exception and has continued the parent brand tradition of foot protection thanks to its integration of the MoGo midsole cushioning technology.

This shoe provides exceptional foot support which helps in preventing and relieving pain associated with plantar fasciitis. The Brooks MoGo cushioning technology offers a cushy feel and exceptional support for improved pain prevention and relief.

What’s more? The HydroFlow technology serves to cushion and absorb shock in the heel and forefoot high impact areas. For improved energy return, the S-257 Cushsole technology comes in handy while serving to reduce midsole breakdown.

The upper section features flexible and full-grain leather which provides strong support, comfort, and durability. Its streamlined design improves the aesthetics of the shoewear. This shoe’s generous fit accommodates various foot deformities.

In addition to excellent grip and traction on various surfaces, the outsole features the Brooks patented HPR+ Green whose eco-friendly features allow it to decompose in landfills.


  • Generous fit
  • Recyclable outsole
  • Highly supportive
  • Excellent energy return


  • Questionable breath-ability

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5. Ryka women’s sky walking shoes

This lightweight and highly comfortable Ryka edition were designed with the female plantar fasciitis sufferer in mind.

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It features a lightweight EVA midsole which does not weigh you down as you walkabout. The inner sole is specially configured to hug the wearer’s foot during the walking time.

The midsole features a lightweight EVA inner sole memory foam which provides cushioning with every step. A TPU midfoot shank which lies in a low-top position from the arch. The sock liner is specially designed to contour to your foot and offer personalized support to your feet.

The upper features a breathable fabric mesh that provides ventilation and durability. Supportive leather overlays improve user comfort and support. A lace-up closure design fastens the shoe to your feet hence offering excellent support.

The upper comes in a variety of colors which allows you to pick the best style to match your personal preference. Mesh fabric throughout the inner shoe offers moisture absorption capabilities.

A rubber outsole improves the shoes’ grip on almost any surface in addition to improved durability. Flex grooves throughout the under sole add to the shoe’s durability while facilitating a smooth heel to toe transition.


  • Offers a personalized fit
  • Aesthetically attractive
  • An excellent choice for casual walkers


  • The quality of the semisolid is questionable

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6. New Balance MW877 walking shoes for men

This is an excellent choice for plantar fasciitis wearers seeking to eliminate feet problems once and for all. New Balance designers developed this product with comfort and support in mind hence making it an excellent choice for wearers with painful feet.

New Balance MW877 walking shoes for men View on Amazon

The midsole of the MW877 features shock-absorbing features thanks to its integration of ABZORB cushioning which offers excellent comfort all day long while eliminating compression to your feet.

The footbed is heavily padded which serves to reduce pressure on the heel section. Its contoured features prevent your feet from slipping.

The upper part features soft suede material which provides a snug fit and helps the shoe mold onto the user’s upper feet perfectly. The collar and tongue are heavily padded which improves comfort above the ankle.

A soft fabric lining throughout the inner shoe section provides moisture-wicking properties for that cozy and dry feeling all day long.

The outer sole features durable rubber material which provides excellent traction capability. The MW877 offers a smooth platform in the under sole featuring the Walking Strike Path technology which helps keep the feet aligned during motion.


  • Wide toe box
  • Supportive features
  • High breathability
  • Gait aligning under sole


  • Insufficient arch support

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7. Dansko Honor Walnut Suede

The Dansko brand is synonymous with long-lasting comfort with every stride. Also, to excellent arch support, this shoe features a supportive construction design and a slip-resistant outsole making it an ideal choice for managing plantar fasciitis.

Dansko Honor Walnut Suede View on Amazon

This sporty sneaker is your ideal companion thanks to the lightweight and flexible athletic inspired oxford design. The midsole features the revolutionary EVA memory foam technology which offers excellent shock absorption capabilities.

A polyurethane footbed features built-in arch support for all-round comfort. The footbed features the Aegis anti-microbial treatment which helps in eliminating odor and keeping you fresh all day.

The upper section features suede and leather construction material treated with Scotchguard stain resistance features. The strap mechanism features elasticized lace bands in place of traditional shoelaces for easy lacing.

The tonal strap detailing around the shoe adds to this version’s aesthetic appeal. The under sole features blown rubber material which provides improved grip and longevity across the lifespan of the shoe.

In addition to its lightweight and flexible features, the under sole serves to improve the user’s flexibility. Additional features include a toggle closure for an optimal fit and tonal strap detailing.


  • Stylish design
  • Stain-resistant upper
  • Heavily padded in the under sole


  • Lacks water-resistant features

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Considerations in Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

1. Heel support

Because plantar fasciitis is basically heel pain, acquiring a shoe with excellent heel support is recommended. You might want to go for a pair with a deep heel cup to help manage the inward rolling of the foot.

Ideally, the heel section should be more elevated than the toe area which helps in distributing weight throughout the underfoot.

2. Sufficient cushioning

The go-to shoewear for plantar fasciitis should feature an anatomically contoured footbed and bouncy cushioning – Related: Best Running Shoes for Older Runners.

To provide the much-needed comfort, this feature helps your feet attenuate shock on making contact with the ground. Good padding is the key to eliminating the pains associated with plantar fasciitis.

3. Orthotics

Depending on the level and intensity of heel pain, some users may prefer to use a custom orthotics insoles.

The ideal pick should feature a removable insole to allow you to insert custom orthotics to help you improve your leg alignment and eliminate heel pain.

Whereas this feature is not common in slip-on and professional shoes, the majority athletic style designs offer you this option.

4. Fit and Comfort

The shoe size is an important consideration in managing heel pain. Oversized shoes not only provide an uncomfortable run but they also prevent a smooth heel to toe transition.

Acquiring the perfect fit is imperative in meeting your specific needs. A roomy toe box is preferred for wearers with toe issues.

Shoes with a stretchable upper are preferable because they offer a relaxed and comfortable fit hence relieving pressure on the plantar fascia area. Orthotic insoles provide excellent comfort and optimal fit customized to the user’s feet contours.

6. Responsiveness, Lifestyle, Lightweight

The ideal pick should offer the user exceptional responsiveness and bounce back capabilities regardless of the walking distance covered.

You might want to go for a lightweight shoewear capable which reduces the lift weight on your shoe foot significantly with each step.

Your ideal pick should match your lifestyle. In addition, you need to consider where you will be wearing these supportive wears.


The painful nature of plantar fasciitis poses a dilemma for wearers seeking to acquire the best shoes for managing heel pain.

Thanks to our featured list above, different options have been objectively reviewed to allow you to make the best choice in the market.

In particular, the Saucony Omni Walker women’s walking shoe stands out as an excellent choice due to its versatility, stability, and aesthetic appeal.

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