Top 7 Cardio Workouts for Beginners

Below I outline the best cardio workouts for beginners. By the time you are convinced that you should get started on some cardio workouts, you may find the process to be a bit stirring. Cardio Workouts for Beginners

There are unlimited choices but all you require are workouts specifically designed or formulated for your fitness learning level while at the same time making you stronger.

These workouts are great whether you can access a treadmill, an elliptical, or just a home work out that does not engage equipment. 

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Cardio Workouts for Beginners

Whatever the situation, one can get started on working out without injury, boredom, or just feeling regretful. The ultimate is aim is to sart6 small and achieve consistency. 

Above all things, consistency is critical in building working out culture or habit, and the workouts we are about to look at are done for precisely that. 

In case you are not in your best health or have been inactive for a long while, kindly contact your doctor before rolling out the workout program. 

Essential tips for cardio workouts.

Whenever you work out, be very keen on your intensity. To track your intensity, you can do it by use of perceived exertion, scale, the talk test, or even target heart rate zones.

Your workouts are supposed to be adjusted to the level of your fitness. Make the time as more or less as required. If you find it difficult to talk, feel worn out, or get sharp pains on any part of the body, cease working out. If the situation does not get any better after a workout, contact your doctor for some investigations. 

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Intensity tracking, rate of perceived exertion (RPE)

Now, getting down to the ways of intensity tracking, rate of perceived exertion (RPE) assists you in keeping track of intensity on a range of between one and ten.

Go for a pace you can manage to maintain the duration of a workout. Regardless of how slow your pace could be, the ultimate trick is to stick as close to your comfort as possible.

Below are the various levels of RPE and its implications.

  1. Level three: you are at ease but breathing a bit harder.
  2. Level four: sweating begins but could still manage a conversation effortlessly.
  3. Level five: you are a bit uncomfortable, you sweat more, but still can talk properly.
  4. Level six: talking becomes difficult, and you are kind of breathless.

Beginner routines for walking and biking cardio workouts.

These two exercises can be done on a treadmill and a stationary bike, respectively, but they still can be done on a cardio machine or outdoors. They are both meant to get you back into cardio training without strain. You can walk outside or use a real bike if you own one.

The ideal here is to pick an exercise and have a plan to be consistent with it and do it at least three days a week. If you manage to do it daily, the better. Try hard and work out on a specific time each day, to form a habit. It is hard, but with discipline and consistency, your body and your mind will adapt.

Be sure to have this exercise twice or thrice per week, and take breaks between workouts if need be. For progress, work out for an extra of two minutes or even more, until you manage to exercise for thirty minutes continuously.

Thirteen-minute walk cardio exercise for a beginner.

This is the ultimate option for a newbie who wishes to start smoothly. It is equipment-free, and all you need is a comfortable pair of shoes. It can either be done on a treadmill, outside, or an elliptical trainer. You are at liberty to adjust the work out as per your level of fitness.

You are supposed to start at an RPE of three to four. Here, you warm up at a pace that is comfortable. This goes on for three minutes. Next, for four minutes, operate at an RPE of five.

Increase your pace in a way that you still manage a conversation. For another three minutes, engage an RPE of four, reduce your speed.

The next step goes on for three minutes, and at an RPE of three. You slow down to such a pace that you are at ease so that you can cool down. To increase flexibility and also relax, you can do a bit of stretching. You realize that these minutes make a total of 13. 

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Ten-minute bike cardio work out for beginners

Here, the stationary bike is ideal, regardless of whether you are getting started or want to change a bit. A bike creates a resistance for you to work against, instead of your body weight.

This gives your body a chance to get used to working out without trouble. If you experience problems with your joints, the bike would probably be the best way to start. Remember to adjust the exercise to your level of fitness.

Below is the trick to go about it:

  • For the first 3 minutes, go at an RPE of between three and four; warm-up at ease, keeping the resistance low. Then for the next four minutes, operate at an RPE of five, increase the resistance, in such a way that you are still able to talk correctly.

You definitely will feel it in your legs, and so you can adjust accordingly, in case you feel like the burn is too much. Finally, for the last three minutes, go at an RPE of three, reducing the resistance and slowing down to a slow pace so that you can cool down. Again, you can try and stretch to relax and increase flexibility.

When done with the basic workouts, you can proceed to do 35 minutes of cardio endurance work out.

  • For the first five minutes, be at an RPE of three to four minutes, which warms up your body to a gear to perform at a higher effort level.
  • The next stage also lasts for five minutes, and at an RPE of five. It involves an increase in pace, resistance, or inclination, which takes you to a level that moderate.
  • The third batch of five minutes involves an RPE OF six. It consists of an increase in effort, at an increment of between one and three.
  • Next, at an RPE OF five and for five minutes, decrease effort to a moderate level, accordingly. At an RPE of six again, and for five minutes, increase your efforts at an increment of between one and three.
  • Then for the next five minutes, and at an RPE of five, decrease your efforts. Finally, for the last five minutes, and at an RPE of between three and four, reduce your efforts to cool down.

Endurance exercise is achievable daily. It is excellent as it is moderate and has countless health benefits. If you experience trouble with your muscles, you may then stop doing it every day and instead do it on alternate days.


Cardio workouts for beginners? To lose weight, you can try to extend the work out to an hour, not abruptly, but incrementally. 

Indeed, from the article above, cardio work out is very achievable with discipline, determination, and consistency. All the best as you plan to get started!


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