Top 7 Effective Hallux Rigidus Exercises

hallux rigidus exercises. Well, Hallux Rigidus is a condition affecting the toe. Hallux Rigidus Exercises This condition makes your toe not able to bend due to the bone spur that will develop in the toe.

This condition might cause pain when walking or even swelling. It also might make your toe unable to move. This condition is not good for your toe. However, some exercises can be conducted to the toe to improve the condition you are in.

Top 7 Effective Hallux Rigidus Exercises

These exercises will reduce pain and even makes your walking simple. In some conditions, you might be required to consult your doctor if these conditions are good for you.

1. Extension exercise

The main aim of this exercise is to reduce the pain in the toe and also make movement easier. It is very good for the condition. All you have to do is align the toe in its correct position.

Thereafter, move the big toe up and down on its right position. This should be given about 30 seconds. If this is done regularly then there will be a great improvement to the toe.

You will notice that there is less pain when walking. It will also aid a lot in the movements. This exercise is worth giving a try because it has helped many people with the same condition.

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2. Flexibility exercise

This is best when done by a therapist. But you can do it yourself. Start by crossing the affected foot over the knee of the unaffected one.

Then you grab your feet gently with the opposite hand at the back of the big toe. This should be at the joint because that is where the problem is situated at.

Then using the other hand, you can pull the toe in a manner that seems like you are trying to pull it out of the socket. Don’t leave it, start rotating it in a clockwise direction.

This is always difficult to be done especially if it is your first time. If you can’t do it by yourself I would suggest that you see a therapist they will help you with this one.

3. Dorsiflexion exercise

This is a bit simple. It can be done with ease. All you have to do is to cross the affected foot on the other foot’s knee. Then hold the big toe and manually bend it backward. Bend it to any angle as far as there is no serious pain from the toe.

This should be given a period of about 20 or 30 seconds depending on the affected person. Sometimes a therapist might prescribe this exercise for you.

The best way of ensuring that you benefit from this exercise is by doing it at least three times a day. This can help with the Hallux Rigidus condition.

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4. Abduction exercise

This is also termed as the adduction exercise. This can be done at any time so long as you didn’t put on the shoe. With this exercise, you spread your toes. This should have no limit.

It should be as far as they can go so long as no assistance is involved. Thereafter press the toes together with no assistance also. This procedure should be given about 15 seconds in every part. Repeat this procedure as per your doctor’s advice.

I know some people cannot do this without assistance. If you are among them then it won’t be bad using your hand. If you are among these people, hold your big toe on its end.

Then start performing the motions by yourself. This is pulling the toe aways from the other toes. You can also use the hand to press it on the other toes. This exercise is very effective with the condition. Therefore it is worth giving it a try.


With this condition, it can cut you off from most of your activities. The good thing is these exercises highlighted above can be of great importance when it comes to this condition.

In some conditions, surgery might be conducted but it is always the last option. If you visit a therapist then he or she will suggest these exercises to you.

If you perform them as suggested then you will be in good condition within no time.The most important thing is to do them right .

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