Is Running Safe for Older Adults? 7 Facts

People tend to shy away from exercise as they grow old. But is running safe for older adults? This is a habit that is so important to your life and running can be done until the moment you can’t walk. 

Running is one of the healthiest exercises and it requires no fee to undertake – particularly with the best running shoes for old runners

Is Running Safe for Older Adults
Running has been associated with so many good things. Running helps elder people reduce the number of calories in their bodies. 

Details: Is Running Safe for Older Adults?

1. It Boosts Health of Aged People 

The body of a person who normally takes a run daily can’t be compared to the other who does not participate in running. Running has a range of benefits when compared to the walks. This is because it is a bit intensive than walks. Below are the benefits of running to older people.

It is very important to cut weight as you age. Running gives you the ability to build muscles which will also help in strengthening the bones. However, ensure you follow the running programs for seniors

Taking a run daily helps reduce the risks of cancer. This is one of the killer diseases that have no treatment. Its control is also very expensive hence it will drain you financially. Taking the run daily might save you from getting this killer disease. 

2. Running helps to burn calories for Old 

Running is a bit strenuous exercise. But this is one of the exercises that burn calories significantly. It is one that scorches calories better than any other simple exercise. This will help keep your body free from calories.

Calories are not always bad but excess is always very dangerous. It will make you gain weight which is not good for the aging people. If you want to live a life with fewer calories then make running your habit.

3. It helps in social life

Many aging people love meeting old friends and sharing their good olden days. Running can help them achieve this. This is because running at a slower pace helps you to maintain a conversation going.

It is one of the ways people get to know about other people’s lives better. It also helps to boost their moods as they will have engaged in a conversation that they could not have experienced if they had stayed at home. Running is always good for you if you would want to keep your social life going.

4. It boosts longevity

Recent research has shown that running boost life expectancy for some years. You don’t have to be sprinting to achieve this.

Running at a slower pace is very significant in boosting your life expectancy. It also keeps your heart active and strong. This makes you experience a very good life in your aging years.

Running also boosts insulin sensitivity. This is the hormone that deals with the regulation of blood sugars. Having the correct amount of blood sugars is always healthier. This will keep you safe from diabetes which has no treatment also. This is a disease that can only be managed and it is also expensive to manage.

5. It is always free

Running does not require a gym to start to exercise. This makes it very cheap for old people who might not be working and cannot achieve the gym fee.

Running is also available to anyone. This helps people who might not even be financially stable to participate in the exercise.

Running also helps you stay safe from the levels of cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol is known to trigger heart attacks.

Having a run daily will keep you live a healthier life. It also helps in dealing with depression which is always common to the aging people. It also has a way of dealing with anxiety. It helps a lot in healthy living.

6. It is easy to start

Running is very easy to start. You don’t have to start by running a mile. All you need to do is start by a few meters. Then you increase slowly. This makes it very reliable and even convenient.

Running is always enjoyable when your body starts adapting to the long distance. It will also keep the aging people busy as they have very little to do. They will just have something to do and this keeps their minds active.


Running is one of the most significant ways of staying healthy for aging people. It is also very good to maintain your weight.

Having a run every single day will surely boost your health. So, is running safe for older adults? Well, Yes – starting it today will surely make a turnover in your life.  


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