What Causes Extensor Tendonitis? Top 7

Extensor tendons are located just below the skin of your hand or on the top of your feet. What Causes Extensor Tendonitis So, what causes extensor tendonitis? When we look at the extensor tendonitis is an inflammation in these tendons. 

Extensor tendons are situated in the hand. They connect the bones of the hand to the muscles which are situated in the back of the hand – check the extensor tendonitis shoes

While in the leg they connect the toes to the muscles. Tendons are the most used part of the body. They are also covered by a thin skin that protects them. This makes the tendons very prone to injury.

What Causes Extensor Tendonitis? 

1. Wearing tight shoes 

This is a bad habit to your feet. The reason is that it will cause extensor tendonitis. This is because it exerts pressure on your feet. This causes some straining of your toes – but not with Shoes for Cardio Dance

The muscles will start reacting to the pressure on the toes. This will cause the inflammation hence causing the extensor tendonitis. Extensor Tendonitis is caused by a variety of things. 

This will affect the functioning of these tendons and since they are the most used parts they will affect your normal functions. This gives me the need to look at the causes of this extensor tendonitis to help you avoid them. 

2. Sudden change in motion

If you love having a run then this applies to you. The reason is if you were running on a flat surface then you suddenly start running uphill.

It means your feet are required to be lifted higher than before. This causes stress to your muscles as they are trying to cope up with the motion. This will cause extensor tendonitis in the long run. If you take a lot of time running uphill then this will cause the extensor tendonitis.

3. Running downhill or in slippery surfaces

Running downhill has an added force of gravity. This means that the force acting on your body can even make you fall. Since your body will be reacting to keep you in a standing position.

This means you will be causing stress to your extensor tendons. This will, therefore, cause extensor tendonitis. When we look at slippery places you will also be straining no to slide. This also causes stress to your muscles. This stress will cause the extensor tendonitis if it is prolonged. 

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4. Typing with non-ergonomic keyboard

This is the most common cause of extensor tendonitis in the hands. If you perform an activity I the hands that uses a repetitive motion. This is things like high impact motion or can be termed as prolonged typing.

Especially when one is using a non-ergonomic keyboard. It causes stress on the hand and the wrist of the hand. This will, however, cause extensor tendonitis.

5. Poor Practicing on an instrument

This is always common for beginners. This is because their hand has not adapted. These are instruments like a guitar or a piano. They cause much stress to the hand this will, however, cause extensor tendonitis in the hand.

6. Sports that stress the hand

This is sports like baseball or racquetball. Since they cause stress to the hand. Then they also cause stress on the muscles. During these sports, the muscles of the hand will be overused. It will eventually cause extensor tendonitis – check these Running Shoes for Asphalt

Treatment for Extensor Tendonitis?

There are some ways you could use to treat this extensor tendinitis. You can first rest. This will make your muscles and the tendons to relax. This will help in reducing the inflammation. 

You can also ice. Applying ice to the affected part also reduces pain. Another way is by using the steroid injection. This will help in reducing pain also. You can also undergo physical therapy.

This strengthens the muscles and also promotes stability in the ankle hence fasten the healing. It is also encouraged that doing constant practice helps in the extensor tendonitis. This is because it increases the durability of your hand or feet and also the adaptability. This will keep away the inflammation.


So, what causes extensor tendonitis? If you experience this inflammation in your hand or feet you don’t have to worry. The reason is that this is what you can control on your own. 

If you want to keep it away then you could just do some constant exercise. If you experience this inflammation you can use the ideas given above and it will surely help – here’s how to treat extensor tendonitis

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